Under lines

This year I was tired of buying a new expensive duvet cover again. I don't know why, but we wear these out in no time! I decided to buy thick quality cotton (yes, lightbluegrey, and yes, I love this color for this purpose too), and decorated it partly at the top. I used non-saturated colored yarn, like olive, charcoal and warm grey.
The result is quite subtile, but I like it. Unfortunately the price was as high as in a shop... I'll report how long it will last.


Best friend

Today M attends the birthday party of her best friend. Inspired by this blog (thanks, Erika!) we worked out this present. M did the drawing on the outside of a wooden box and winded the yarn around the little cartons. F finished the box with linseed oil. And hurray, I made my first pincushion. We enjoyed doing it very much.
I think the gift is a good way to pass on crafting.


Given treasures

Yesterday I firstly collected L from nursery school where all kids appeared to be very busy with their new toy. Treated by birthday twins.
Later it was M's turn. M's teacher celebrated her birthday and all kids got a mini bag to collect mineral stones every year, until they will leave school in 4 years.
I love these little things; yesterday there was no doubt about schoolchoices.


More school supplies

L needed a simple little bag to keep her shoes for gym and eurithmics lessons. I love such an occassion to make her something. 
And I'm obviously not the only mother who sticks to the craft supplies of HEMA. In the schoolyard I see the applications and ribbons on t-shirts, trousers, bags, ...


Dull grey

My eldest needed a new sharpener for school. Right from the shop I decorated it in a few minutes with a permanent pen, red. The day after I added the silver drawing. I think a fine correction pen will do a fine job, too. Such a little effort with a 'wow' as a reward.

Addition 25.9.10: M used the sharpener this week and just told me that the red doesn't fully stick. Tip: next time I previously would use a very fine sandpaper (we have '400' ...).



In Bloggerland she's showing up often: Kristina Klarin of Kris color-stripes. This lady is making great necklaces that were so long on my wishlist, I couldn't resist it anymore: I ordered here even two of them! 
I love the colors (you should see her recent work too), but in real life the colors appear to be slightly different from her site. Good to know for those with the same longing.


With a kiss of mom

Although she didn't need one, I made a new bag for my daughter. It is mainly because I seriously fell in love with this bag while scrolling down the internet, after clicking the link in this blog. And that's why I (almost) didn't change a thing! Go here to see and enjoy the great tutorial of Mmmcrafts.

Addition 5.10.10: M is carrying the bag fulltime, so also in the house and at night it's hanging on her bed. So sweet.


Memory dress

Just before summer holidays we always celebrate St. John's feast in school. In my opinion it is the most special feast of all in school. Every child is dressed in white and decorated with flower crowns. This helps the summer feeling very much!
First M and after that L both wore this special occasion dress, I'm afraid this year will be the last time. I bought it a long time ago on an antique market. Now the dress has a special history. 
During the year we hang it on the wardrobe behind our bed. I like the white against the grey.


First attempt

This summer I finally wanted to make a stamp. At my work we have plenty of linoleum samples. I worked hard and precisely, but this material is in my opinion too flat to use for stamps. The second attempt was with a sample of bulletin board. This worked out better, but with a result that I was not fully satisfied with. I used the stamp to make an invitation, and to stamp on little price bags for the skate party, made of fabric remnants. When you use this ink and iron it to fixate, the stamp will be definitive.
Some weeks ago I used an eraser of HEMA to make a stamp with better results.


New skates

My daughters got new skates. So we planned a few weeks later a skate birthday party for our nine-years-old. A tour around the peninsula we live on, with a contest, a treasure hunt, a trail on a small square and last but not least a visit to our local ice cream shop. For all their efforts everybody had to be honored. All medals for the ninth place finishers and only one for the first place.


Heavy duty

In our hall our two children have their own coat hooks, that I like to recommend. They are big, made of heavy duty solid steel and visiting friends can add there coats easily. The so-called Hooek is designed by Belgian Anthony Duffeleer, Dutch manufacturer is Van Esch.


Copy paste

My mother always was handicrafting. As a young child I loved watching my mother sewing and soon I joined her sewing, knitting, crochetting, everything. I'm really so grateful for that.
When embroidering this tablecloth, L was sitting on the table and made me happy.



This summer we cycled from Maastricht to Rotterdam; along border and coast it was 550 km. Actually we cycled around the Netherlands in four years: when my eldest turned 6 we went from Rotterdam to Bergen, North Holland. When she turned 7 we continued in Bergen and over all Waddenislands we went to Groningen. Last year, M was 8, the route was from Groningen to Maastricht and this year we finished our tour. We showed our homeland to our children, something I really recommend! This year my youngest (4,5 years old) wouldn't like sitting on a bike seat for three weeks, so we bought a children's bike that can be attached to mine. She loved it so much; at the first ride she called: 'how fast we are going!' I think it's comparable to our first driving lesson. She also liked to ask me to stop cycling so she was able to do the cycling all alone.
After a cotton version I made her this more durable flag, made from kite fabric.


Wobbling nines

This summer my eldest turned 9. For years she (no, not at all my youngest!) wants to treat something healthy at school. She really loves fruit. The treat may not be too strange, too. We drilled skew holes randomly into a wooden remnant of our terrace. In our city people don't sell beads anymore (what do kids do nowadays? I loved to make necklaces for years as a child!), so I ordered beads on internet. Somewhere in the house we found the perfect brass thread to make the nines wobbling.
Ok, a strange treat, but she loved it.


Yes, I do

My Greek colleague reminds me at when my eldest turned 6. I made her this wedding dress without any pattern. I even estimated the length of the dress. The wonder is that it fitted so fine. You should have seen her glance!
Recently it sadly cracked, and it's on my to do list to repair it. Hopefully next weekend?


Greek colleague

Last weekend a colleague married in Greece. I couldn't make it to Greece, but attended her bachelor party. For this occasion I remembered my dear friends blog on vlijtig. I took good quality lightbluegrey linen and sewed this tablecloth with two matching napkins. After embroidering I wanted to copy the idea of the initials, but that didn't work out. My daughter was at the same time making a drawing of a bride and groom, with roses. Et voilĂ , see here the result! The roses are 1,5 cm only and are cut out of a HEMA eraser. In the end the most difficult part of the job seemed to make a nice and recognizable drawing of a rose. 



Two years ago I bought an iPhone. From that time I'm no more reading books in bed, but I enjoy reading blogs. Some bloggers I even follow daily. I think I spend half an hour a day to do so. The question is, am I spoiling time? But I like it!
This afternoon I was calling my best friend and suddenly she made me starting an own blog. I'm sure not able to post so many blogs a week or even per month like my adored bloggers, but this doesn't stop me.
We'll see.
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