This summer we cycled from Maastricht to Rotterdam; along border and coast it was 550 km. Actually we cycled around the Netherlands in four years: when my eldest turned 6 we went from Rotterdam to Bergen, North Holland. When she turned 7 we continued in Bergen and over all Waddenislands we went to Groningen. Last year, M was 8, the route was from Groningen to Maastricht and this year we finished our tour. We showed our homeland to our children, something I really recommend! This year my youngest (4,5 years old) wouldn't like sitting on a bike seat for three weeks, so we bought a children's bike that can be attached to mine. She loved it so much; at the first ride she called: 'how fast we are going!' I think it's comparable to our first driving lesson. She also liked to ask me to stop cycling so she was able to do the cycling all alone.
After a cotton version I made her this more durable flag, made from kite fabric.

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