Just giveaway m&m treats!

Please take notice of this (earlier mentioned) great idea of Peppermint Plum. I like to share with you how to make a slightly different version: this stamped m&m treat necklace. If you like to read some more about this m&m treat, just go herehere and here.

This is what you need to make about 40 or less :) pieces:
  1. a big bag flat (without nuts) m&m's
  2. small letter stamps
  3. a decorative stamp like in this nice stamp box of Djeco
  4. an ink pad
  5. colorful threads
  6. colorful ribbon, 3 mm wide
And 4 large paper sheets of traditional Canson Mi-teintes. I used two pieces of light yellow for the backs, one green and one magenta colored sheet for the fronts.

Ok, get started. Draw plenty of circles on each sheet using a cup with a diameter of about 13 cm. Then stamp with the small letter stamps in a serial process text on one sheet.

Now add the decorative stamp: not exactly inside the circles, but crossing the lines. In my case a part of the stamp was inside each circle three times. It works best when you lay down the stamp on the table and push the inkpad upside down on the stamp each time. Repeat this for all sheets.

This part of the job takes quite some time depending on the amount of treats. First cut all circles roughly, then each one more precisely.

You'll get this result on and underneath the table.

Use different colors for your upper and under thread in your sewing machine. Sew two circles together, in the beginning fixing a double folded piece of ribbon of about 70 cm (or some longer). Leave an opening of about 3 cm.

Add about 25 m&m's in each pouch. And close it by sewing another circle just roughly all around.

Make some more by repeating step 6 to 8.
Enjoy! How the kids will open it is up to them...


Oon said...

Ik zag ze inderdaad al passeren op Pinterest, maar deze zijn ook heel mooi. Moet ik zeker onthouden!

admin said...
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admin said...

Oh how gorgeous!! I just found your blog through the home beautiful mag here in Australia. Love it!! I am off to follow you on pinterest too. SarahSB

{Peppermint Plum} said...

Wow, these turned out so great! I love that you added the ribbon to hang them. So clever. :)

Thanks for linking to our PeppermintPlum blog as well!

-Annie @ {PeppermintPlum}

Casey Martinez said...

It's official...I have fallen in love with your fun, creative, and colorful blog! I hope to visit more often;0.

jody said...

Have just found your beautiful blog. and it is such a delight! :)

yolanda said...

hi! here there are our medals!!!thanks for sharing!!

Marina said...

Zo aanstekelijk, ik heb ze ondertussen ook gemaakt en zo leuk om te doen, dank je wel voor je fantastisch mooie inspiratie!!!

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Francesca said...

Ciao! I'm going to make this with my little girl for her bday party...I'll link to this post on my blog, of course!

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