My sweet niece Maartje has turned grown-up, she's 18 years old now. This weekend we attended her party. On Saturday there was no time left to shop for a present. On those moments I more often end up behind the sewing machine. No time left to design as well, so here's a variation on this bag. This bag carrying a bottle of white wine made her happy!

The bag appeared to be way too high. I cut about 8 cm from the top - with handles already sewn - and then used this cut off part on the inside of the bag as a facing. 
All together it can be approved, and might be approved soon in another try. I have to take a look at my leather stock first.

Leather is such a rewarding material to work with. To cut it is like cutting butter. I love to experiment and eventually change plans during the trip. No problem. Let's see where I will end up next time.


Daan said...

18 <3 en wat een prachtig kado :-)

Oon said...

Wat mooi! Net als als je tassen - ik klikte wat door -. Knap, zeg!

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