Daughter's turn

Last May holiday, my eldest daughter M and I spent some quality time together when the two of us had the house for ourselves. M was very, no extremely determined to make a bag. Just a second schoolbag, not at all necessary, but really necessary to be made right away. It became a cosy three-days mother-daughter project, with the daughter in the lead and mom just following.
The blue denim was found in mom's fabric stock, as well as a sturdy mustard yellow denim-like fabric for the lining. She knew exactly which kind and which color leather to chose. The horse girl had a saddle in mind.

The lining and the waterproof extra layer that she wanted to be added were easily made, but the leather details were not. What a joy to have a motivated co-worker along. Motivation does it all! Whenever things had to be done over and over again, no problem for her! She did it with patience, till the late night hours. For me it was one of the hardest projects ever, but it was great to do it together! And with together I mean, that I did the roadmapping and the leather cutting, and M did the rest.

By now I can tell you that she is using this bag every day. Schoolmates couldn't believe that it was self-made. M prepared an answer to this: by topstitching her name on the shoulder strap she convinces all disbelievers.
Besides, which girl has a whole bunch of braided wristbands made of exactly the same leather as her bag?


De Zuster Van said...

Dit is de soort tas waar ik van hou, echt zo mooi! Je kan zien dat daar veel werk, tijd en liefde is in gestoken!

rahel said...

A b e a u t i f u l bag!
Looks very well made and I love the combination of the brown leather with the blue fabric.
Well done M!

vervlogen dagen said...

Prachtig M.! En dat je gelijk hebt om daar je naam op te stikken. Een echte Maud.

confetti lab said...

Gaaf zeg! En heerlijk dit soort quality time.

Metimebyseija@gmail.com said...

Oh, ik heb er hier eentje ontlopen met dezelfde naam. Prachtige tas trouwens!

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