Bd girl in a bd dress

Let's continue with the birthday posts of our youngest. As always I wanted to make her a dress. Searching at the local fabric store, the www and even at our local museum with a temporary fashion exhibition and great fabric sale. With no result. So in the end my very own fabric stock was newly explored - what an idea ;) - and with success! These two grey and green all time beauties of Nani Iro I found, but were sadly both to small... So I decided to combine them.

Easier said than done, I took me a lifetime puzzling. But again: with success! Happy to have that upper little bird on the right place on her breast.
Nearly no fabric was left. As a gift, this dress forced me to teach myself how to join patterned fabric.

The pattern 'Sweet' of Remi&Cosette for teens was used, without collar and with added elastic waistband.


Mumendemiekes said...

Wat een vrolijk stofje zeg

diario de naii said...

So gorgeous!!!

dawn - Mi rincón de mariposas said...


vervlogen dagen said...

Jij hebt de blogmodus ook weer aangezet! Prachtig. En -dooddoener- wat wordt Lot groot!

With love - by Eva said...

Wat een geweldig idee, die twee samen. Het lijkt alsof de stof zo gedrukt is, prachtig gewoon!

confetti lab said...

Het ziet er te gek uit! Wat een mooie stof ook.

Serviced Apartments Lady said...

This dress is just so pretty, and the fit is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know and say very great job on your blog. I for one agree with what you are saying and hope to see more of your posts in the near future.

Adam n Eve said...

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Shawn H Parker said...

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