Falling in love with rope

In Rotterdam we have a quite old-fashioned, but great shop 'The Ropehouse'. Here they only sell a lot of ropes in a great variety. Natural or artificial materials, thick or very thin, black or colored, you name it. I love to go there. Last week I just fell in love with pictured rope that I noticed behind the counter. It looked like it was on that shelf for ages and yelled at me: 'Buy me!' Although there's no need for it at all, I took it home.
Today I cut it for the first time: to hang the beautiful violins of our daughters. We like the view (especially the little 1/16th) and studying violin will cost less energy from now on.

1 comment:

else said...

Heerlijke winkel!!
Ik kan me voorstellen dat je verliefd werd op deze klos, goede kleur.

Dank je voor je reactie op mijn blog!

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