Rewarded with an award

Now I feel I'm a real part of Blogland: I got a first award of Tante Ekster. Thank you Belinda!
The award means that the receiver should share 7 random personal things. Mmmm, that's not easy... But here they come:

  • I always go to bed too late.
  • I jog an hour once a week, busy chatting with my friend.
  • I cycle a lot: 7 km to school, 7 km from school to work, 7 km from work to home. Children are taken with me, so especially M has expanded muscles. You'll believe it after reading this post.
  • I cycle fast, I even can't go slow.
  • I terribly bite my nails, now followed by my children. I'm very ashamed.
  • I love to drive a car, but also try to avoid it.
  • I think my observation skills are extraordinary.
  • I love a shop like Koekela in Rotterdam.

Sorry, I gave you some more secrets...
After doing this I may send the award to other bloggers. Here comes the one and only Versatile Blogger Award to you, Boventonen, Vervlogen Dagen and Rare Rusk, for being starters in Blogland. Wish you all the best!


else said...

Ik voel me vereerd dat je aan me dacht!!

Line said...

thank you!
I will do this any time soon!

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