First exciting, then cosy

Yesterday evening was just great. The girls were dancing and singing their songs till... he came, he came, Sinterklaas. And he brought a lot of gifts: such as a serious pile of beautiful books, Schleich animals (horses and dogs), a (lovely old-fashioned) wooden spinning top, a lift bridge for the wooden train (L's heart's desire), glittering tights (for M of course), a black leotard (the first black to wear for M anyway) and even (something their mother would never give ;)) nailpolish.
For the day after some pics to taste how it was.


meisje van vervlogen dagen said...

Eerst nog even zout gestrooid voor 'sinterklaas' die 2 deuren verderop woont en toen kon ook hier de pret beginnen! Heerlijk avondje!

mooi hoor... said...

Oh, wat een leuke blog heb je! en dankjewel voor je berichtje bij mij.

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