Well done!

Here I met some family members of the stick horse:
  1. Betje on the Jip & Janneke forum
  2. Under the pecan tree
  3. Ik heb een bep
  4. Practically perfect Polly
  5. Vanmarieke.
Well done, isn't it?


Van et Nina said...

Il live "chevaux chaussettes" ! Great tutorial !

Van et Nina said...

Wanted to write "love", of course !

ginger said...

These are so cute. We made a similar horse last spring. http://chazandginger.blogspot.com/2010/06/sock-refashion.html

alliot + iza said...

Thanks for your lovely visit.
The stick horses are great!
We've also made one some time ago-http://izakoo.blogspot.com/2008/06/blog-post_5837.html
And, then it evolved into a design on a lifebuoy :)

Rosa Navas said...

I love these horses, maybe I would try to make one of them.

yolanda said...

acabo de conocer tu blog por medio del de trula, me gusta mucho todo lo que haces, tienes mucho estilo! gracias por compartir tus ideas!
I`ve just discovered your blog via trula`s one, I love it! you are so cute! thanks for sharing your ideas! yolanda (spain)

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