Being pampered

Back home from Denmark, very satisfied. Here's a brief summary for you. We went with 20 interior architects to see the factory of Fritz Hansen, a brand you all know from Arne Jacobsen's Egg and 3107. Right above the seat of the 3107 is being born.

Legs of the 3107.
A workshop: upholstering a Swan with leather.
Eggs in the office of Fritz Hansen.

Immense stockrooms with Kvadrat fabrics, paradise for me!
The Danish were super friendly and pampered us with delicious food and lunches (they enjoy extensive lunches every working day their selves). Note the healthy nuts next to the coffee cup, the fresh carrots and cut in half bananas.
Even this random color composition of fabric rolls was a feast to the eye.

We were invited in the product development rooms of Kvadrat, where we got sneek previews of new fabric designs of productive Patricia Urquiola. Top secret, so not pictured!

My first time in Louisiana, I loved to be there, the weather was perfect... This artist, Yuyoi Kusama, made an impressive mirrored installation that made us happy as kids.

Last but not least we had a guided architecture tour along beautiful buildings including this masterpiece of Bjarne Ingels. Really go and check out the BIG site; it's amazing what they do!

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