Wobbly tooth

M's dentition exists till now of 4 teeth only. She's ten! Recently F visited the dentist with both girls. I'm so glad they both have strong teeth (like their grandmother and mother).
Last week L showed me her first wobbly tooth. After it was fallen out we kept it carefully in F's wallet. Sint wanted to add this tiny present (according to another great idea of Vlijtig) in the 'zak'. But apparantly did L need something to put her tooth in today already! So she got this present this morning.

Btw 1, the paper label was covered with transparant adhesive foil to keep it clean.
Btw 2, the bottom is covered with a small part of Hella Jongerius' fabric, that lovers of her will maybe recognize ;).
Btw 3, L went to bed early tonight with a high fever. Hope she's better tomorrow to celebrate Sint's birthday...
Btw 4, wishing you all a cosy Sinterklaas!


Trula said...

There's someone in our house, too, who cannot wait to lose some teeth.

Else said...

Gezellige papiertjes!!
en een fijn Sinterklaas feest, hopelijk is de zieke opgeknapt!

lightbluegrey said...

@ Else: dank zij jou!

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