Sam and Julia

This is M, reading a book to her sister in the train last Sunday.
After our Christmas diner in the office we were invited to shop for a book in one of the meeting rooms: a Christmas present. Such a great idea. I chose some books; among them was this one: 'het Muizenhuis'. It's a book to be recommended and the Mouse Mansion is becoming a worldwide hit indeed! It's L's favorite.

Last Sunday we had a day off trip to Amsterdam. For M we went to see the Anne Frank House. To do L a favor we went to see another house: het Muizenhuis, exposed in the public library of Amsterdam. I'm talking about a sort of giant dollhouse, but populated by mice families and used as a scenery for the mentioned book. Look at this, get inspired by googling 'het Muizenhuis' or watch this video. This you can read on the blog of Karina Schaapman, the author/designer/creator:
'The Mouse Mansion - Sam and Julia' is based on The Mouse Mansion. An art project created by myself to form the scenery of this book, and many more following. The Mouse Mansion is made out of cardboard boxes and papier-mache and all kinds of waste material. You can actually walk around The Mouse Mansion because it has a front, back and side. The Mouse Mansion counts more than a hundred rooms, alleys and outdoor spaces. The story is written by myself and the mice are also created by myself.

When you are in the neighbourhood, you should go and take a look. We spent much more time then planned staring into all rooms filled with tiny details. Amazing!


Oon said...

Oh my! Met zoveel oog voor detail!

kristin said...

incredible amount of detail in miniature. what a fun adventure. i'm afraid i would spend an entire day dissecting each room with my eyes...the purse collection! oh my!!

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