To wrap a baby

My friend R became a mother! Of course I love to bring her baby boy something when I'll go to see him. This little man needs warmth, being just out of a warm belly, I thought. So this knit was made, inspired by this knitting on the bias. The used yarn is as pure as possible, as if straight from the sheep.

The cotton yarn you saw before. It was just added randomly like I saw here some time ago and still love. I used needle EU 8 and 500 gr of yarn. The pattern is so easy and great to do, as if climbing and descending a mountain.
Do you want to try this blanket of about 80 to 80 cm yourself?

Then cast on 1 st
row 1: kfb
kfb, k till the end
When you're halfway:
k2tog, k till the end
last row: 1 st, bind off.
Done! Simple as that.


hillwards said...

Hi, This is lovely. I've just knit a friend's newborn a chunky moss stitch blanket from a Drops design using Polaris - lovely soft 100% wool also. But I love your bias knit, and the drifting colours, might have to hunt out some eskimo too!

floortje said...

Mooi zeg. Daar zal dat kleine mannetje heel blij van worden!

Olivia said...

Oh, I love it! For sure your friend will be super-happy with this present!

Hetty said...

Heel schattig, heb het patroon misschien ook in het nederlands?

lightbluegrey said...

@ Hetty: Ok, gaan we:
toer 1: 1 steek opzetten
toer 2: eerste steek meerderen
toer 3: eerste steek meerderen, 1 steek rechts
toer 4: eerste steek meerderen, overige steken rechts
toer 5, etc: herhaal
Als je op de helft bent:
toer x: eerste 2 steken samenbreien, overige steken rechts
toer x, etc: herhaal
laatste toer: 1 steek rechts, afhechten.

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