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Today I will post (just like bkids ;)) a few of this week's Sinterklaas gifts, that -I think- might inspire you for X-mas. Although some of them are really Dutch... enjoy!

Above some gifts for L of nearly 7: 1. ceramic pink bird broche  2. jumping rope per meter  3. beads box with beads  4. origami paper  5. super soft mole plushie  6. doll's house sticker book via here  7. first reading book Mol en mus  8. FiveFinger shoes (just like her father)

Above some gifts for M of 11: 1. teenager t-shirt with kisses 2. shawl  3. mix & match stationery  4. envelope template  5. Dairy of Anne Frank with self-made cover 6. no plastic no silicon watch

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artycho said...

I had a great time strolling round your blog, so inspiring! I won't enter the draw even though your sample bag is beautiful since I come here for the first time, but I will surely call again.

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