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If you want to know some tricks to make nice sparkling boxes as a party favor, go ahead reading. These 'L 7' boxes we made as a treat for L's birthday and are a mix of this and this. Here and here you can read more on my blog about these boxes. In my case the pattern paper was made using these books. I did some photoshopping to achieve the desired colors, printed the paper and cut it into squares of 17 and 18 cm. But of course you could use any paper you want or even buy these kind of little boxes.

Because I wanted L (of 7) to be able to make her own treat, the tutorial can be used as a kids craft as well. We first made the bottoms of the boxes following this tutorial, using the 17 cm paper squares.

This is what you need to add the sparkles to the lids. We partly folded the lids using the 18 cm paper squares until still being able to lay them flat. For a bigger amount like in our case I recommend to make a little template out of cardboard. To avoid the glue sticking to the paper I added some pieces of felt (to stick underneath furniture) to create a distance between template and paper. Furthermore Tacky Glue is appropriate for kids because it's water-soluble and doesn't cause any dripping. I used two packages of these assorted sequins and there were plenty left. Plus seed beads in different colors.

First glue the letter or other decoration by hand or by using the template.

Add sequins-beads-mix and cover the glue. Press a bit for instance with an empty match box. Wait a few minutes.

Drop the not sticking sequins.

Check if everything is fine.

Finish folding the lids.

Copy paste to make more! We used our boxes to add cookies, nuts and to present a tiny ring.


elisanna said...

Super, dat gaat hier zeker eens uitgetest worden door onze meisjes!

Pretty cool stuff said...

Zo'n mooie foto's ook zeg!

vervlogen dagen said...

Slim, dat lijmsjabloon!

Mamasha said...

Mooi! Gepind!

erika said...


Linn said...

Lovely little boxes!

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