Looking medieval

Not much to do here lately! Not very flattering after the last posts, I agree. A flu and general lack of creativity are part of my life these weeks.
But this weekend my sewing machine worked overtime. Line work took place. After Easter M is going a few days on a medieval school camp. We decided to make tunics for all kids and their supervisors. The result is not very spectacular to show you, but at least now you know again what's going on around here. M and her friend did a lot of zigzag stitching. Another mother will finish the sides. Finally the kids will add a felt weapon on the front. And then, off they go! The first time on a camp for M!

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Emma Mona said...


Zijn de kleuren ook echt?
Ik heb me al vaak de bedenking gemaakt dat ik niet graag naaister was geweest in die tijden. Zonder naaimachine duurt het me te lang!

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