L has a sweet little boy in her class. Quiet, lovable, quite often the one and only boy present at girls' birthday parties. How to describe him more? He is knitting, loves knitting, knits all the time! While L is just starting her second knitted handicraft in school, he's finishing his third or forth one!
So when asking L for an appropriate present for his birthday she said at once: knitting needles! Maybe like all other girls who were invited... Never mind, because L added this unique (;)) self made present as well. Taking this pouch, but just extended it, thinking of this well-known Dutch horse. I used fusible interfacing on both outer as inner fabric, but still the long pouch could have been a bit more stable. Maybe I'll use another interfacing next time. But I do like the zipper result.

What more to tell about this small sewing project? The circle pattern of the fabric, which I really love, turned out to be continuous on the top; just a coincidence!


vervlogen dagen said...

Hij kan wel een sjaal voor Langhors breien! Mooi stofje!

Brigitte Peetermans said...

What a nice blog you have.

Interested in some colours (no light blue grey I'm afraid)

Have a peak at the giveaway at:


Le Thé Dachshund Grey est arrivé!
Limited Edition.
(what else?)

At 101 followers the handmade tea bags in powder pastel fabrics Dachshund Grey Special Edition will be given away to a follower.

Eva C. said...

Leuk zo'n breiende jongen! Heel mooi stofje ook

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