Summer collection

Last week I just had to sew. My hands didn't take it anymore. Totally in the mood. A new coat for L was about to be born.
After a satisfying winter coat I decided to do the same trick again using this pattern (page 6) with a self-invented lining. This time no long search for the right fabric, but just a glance in my fabric stock, that was quite recently refilled with new fabrics from the Stoffenspektakel and from the Fragile fabric sale.

A bit more about Fragile. As I have some favorite dresses of Fragile I was keen on their fabric sale. So on a Wednesday afternoon I took half a day off to jump on the train to Antwerp, listened for almost an hour to a live band performing on the great station, went to buy Fragile fabrics and visited the city center afterwards, all alone and happy. Catch of the day were quite of lot of knit fabrics and this viscose.

But let's go back to the coat. At first I planned an ocher colored coat, but all of a sudden this plan changed and a Fragile fabric was used. It has a bit stretch, but appeared quite easy to sew.

Funny to combine a non-crease fabric on the outside and a crease one on the inside: for the lining I used a rose linen fabric, which I love because of the visible weaving. The peeping details were made in a Petit Pan leftover of this dress.

The back of the coat got a box pleat. The coat has a zipper to keep the wind out for my cycling daughter. To get an extra accent the front was finished with covered buttons and loops made of a bright cotton fabric.
Today was the first day of the coat into use. We discovered that the sleeves are a bit too long - so allow L to grow - and that the pockets could have been placed a bit higher. Wondering how it is on L? Come back later!


Vink said...

Die jas is echt prachtig! Elke keer opnieuw! Ik ben er ├ęcht zot van!!!

Merja said...

Oh wow! I love all the little details. Very nice jacket!

elisanna said...

zo schoon zeg! kan zo in de winkelrekken!

vervlogen dagen said...

Wederom zo goed gelukt! Mooi met die Petit Pan die eruit piept en aan de knopen! Wat een bofferd, die Lot.

Kim Laverze said...

Ik ben een gelijkaardige jas aan het maken. Maar heb moeite met de voering aan de plooi achteraan. Heb jij deze vastgestikt of losgelaten? Indien losgelaten enkel het stuk van de plooi of de volledige onderzijde van de voering?
Alvast bedankt voor je hulp, en topprestatie met deze mooie jas!

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