Walking in the clouds

My daughter L knows what she wants. Always. The best part of her self-confidence is that, after giving a present where she's longing for, we are sure that she will enjoy it a lot.
This winter she is begging for - as we call them - highwalkers. Officially they are called peg stilts. We did some research where to get these, like here and at the local circusschool. But way too expensive, we thought. So my boyfriend F decided to make the stilts himself, with a little help of this. Lucky L that he wanted her to try them on to make them perfect. Imagine that the shoes that she is wearing are fixed to the steps. And good to know is that it just took her some minutes to walk away.
Already days before her birthday she is walking around with her present. And she loves it! In the house with all our stairs she is going up and down and is discovering new things in the upper parts of our cabinets. And dust ;). And in the street suddenly she can look over fences and inspects the roofs of electricity houses and so on. These days she is wearing the stilts all day long, even during watching TV. Real fun!
Orders to my boyfriend can be made in the comments ;).


vervlogen dagen said...

Diep onder de indruk van Lot! (En de stelten natuurlijk) Ik voorzie dat je nog een broek met hele lange pijpen moet naaien.

Sophia said...

Great! I would have liked stilts too, when I was young.

Serviced Apartments London Lady said...

How intriguing! I haven't seen these around much, but they do look fun! And it's great that your daughter is so self assured!

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