For a lointering teen

This summer M got 15! My boyfriend and I decided that a little couch on her bedroom would be fun for a teen like her. The couch measures 150 x 70 cm.

In the office I'm working with a (for me) new software program and the drawing of this couch is a very first result. The couch is simply made of birch plywood panels, that are joining in miter angles.

The wooden base was made by my boyfriend, who screwed the panels in advance. These screws we later removed and replaced by massive wooden rods.

The cushions are custom made, but the covers are made by me. The making appeared more difficult than I had in mind. I used Kvadrat samples for the sides, the rest is made of a warm grey wool fabric with a felted look. Some samples appeared too thick for the corners, but because of timepressure I couldn't change the composition anymore. Better corners are something to improve next time.
The covers have long zippers, so they can be cleaned once in a while. Tip is to make two zippers in line, in order to get the zipper ends in the middle of the cushion and invisible from the sides.

We didn't make it to finish the couch in time. Last week I finally had time to lacquer it with a super mat paint called Skylt. The result is that you can't believe it's painted. It has a very natural look, that M very much preferred.
On the first picture you see the couch installed in her room, where she is able to use a soft pillow in the corner. Welcome to the teen lointerer!


vervlogen dagen said...

Nu al een lightbluegrey-klassieker. Het heeft jouw helemaal jouw signatuur. Ik vind de details (de hoeken, de pen en gatverbindingen en zichtbare constructie) prachtig. Mijn handen jeuken om ook zo'n soort kussen te maken. (Dat zou ik in tegenstelling tot het bankje misschien nog wel kunnen.) Heel mooi.

With love - by Eva said...

Heel stijlvol, helemaal jouw stijl!

Vink said...

Waaaaw! Enorme fan!

rahel said...

Looks great! I for sure would have liked a couch like this when I was a teen... even now I would love it :-) Great woodworking- I will show my husband.

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