Giveaway winner

For those curious ones about the second part of the giveaway: here it is! But for whom was it made? Oh, exciting... Today my Chinese colleague Tao chose a random number between 1 to 37. Congratulations Jennifer of Little Birds Fly, these two ornaments will be yours in a few days. Happy Christmas to you!
Thank you all for passing by and writing such sweet comments. My conclusion is that my first giveaway was a great hit!


Bogdan Burca said...

My name is Bogdan from Romania! I want to make friends!
Can we be friends?? LinkExchange??
My blog address is: www.bogdanstelistul.blogspot.com
Thank you!!!!

mooi hoor... said...

nou potverdrie(t) zeg - heb ik die give-away gewoon gemist! Hele mooie aanhangers!

Millie said...

Congratulations Jennifer!

Maureen said...

Congratulations Jennifer...lucky you!

little birds fly said...

What a lovely Christmas surprise! Thank you so much!

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