In a shoebox

This stable I once made by covering a little shoebox with felt and cutting a little cross to fix a twig. M and L are always a bit disappointed because for them it's necessary that Maria is wearing a red robe with a blue mantle and Joseph should have been dressed in brown. But their mother longed for a more stylish nativity scene... I want to and don't know why, but every year before Christmas I fail to make some more felt figures. It doesn't matter, as long as we enjoy Christmas. And we did this afternoon, sledge sliding down the hills in the beautiful woods of Breda. I wish you a happy Christmas too!
We do use real candles in our Christmas tree and lighted them traditionally yesterday evening, followed by singing songs and M playing her violin. And no, we don't agree that the burning candles are dangerous.

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meisje van vervlogen dagen said...

Gister bij mijn ouders ook weer genoten van echte kaarsjes! En 1e kerstdag geschaatst in Overijssel. All I ever wanted for christmas... Mijn vilten stalletje stond ook mijn blog, maar kennelijk heb ik per ongeluk op een verkeerd knopje gedrukt. Hoewel ik je dochters wel begrijp, vind ik stiekem je stylische stalletje wel mooi!

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