Two weeks ago my boyfriend F was on beautiful Iceland. During his holiday he sent us pictures and films, which we could view via Dropbox. Imagine: M and L had to go to bed. But ok, it's nice to view papa's pics. So we sat down behind the screen, mama and a sweet girl on each knee. Truly hundreds of pics of nature, nature and even more nature came by. F was rarely shown on the pics. I would almost say, that's boring for kids! But... after seeing all of them, M had a deep sigh and said: Oh, I wanna go to Iceland too!
Now happily he's back home. Look what he brought for M and L: a wonderful collection of amazing stones, many of them lava. L loves to sort and play with them for hours!

This was one of the mini films. So we knew already what presents he would bring back home!


Petra said...

Mooie collage van de twee foto's. (En lekker om weer compleet te zijn, zeker?)

teri @ giddy giddy said...

my girls are rock collectors also. This is a lovely collection...lots of great texture.
teri@ giddy giddy

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