Made with M

M started to make this bag for her friend Sofia and then I took over to finish it, because she had to go to sleep. Sewing precisely is quite a job for her, and I think details like the strap made by her turned out perfectly. For me a new experience with a decorative stitch of my Bernina (how I love that machine!). A press fastener of Prym was used again, but this time fastened invisible on the inside of the flap. I only have to find new D-rings instead of these rectangle ones.

This afternoon Sofia's great birthday party took place high up into the trees. Getting feedback afterwards that she loved the present is oh so rewarding, don't you think?


Lies: said...

wat een zalig tasje en <3 die siersteek. Zo moo!

vervlogen dagen said...

Knap kind! Schoon tasje.

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