M isn't quite a fan of slumber parties. She normally simply quits these events because she knows what next day will bring for her: not bode well.
Some time ago we started to brainstorm about her birthday party, that will be in two weeks. M totally surprised me by suggesting a slumber party! Ok, I said, and the next moment her idea turned out into a slumber party completely our way: we'll leave the city and pitch our (great!) tent next to a natural swimming pool in the Biesbosch, a lovely nature reserve south of Rotterdam. Six girls will cozily fit in the large tent, while F, L and I will pitch our small trekking tent a little bit further away.

Last weekend I was making the initial plan for the invitations. Of course I had in mind that M had to do the job, but sometimes things are just coming out of one's hands in the evening... Btw till too late, so next day didn't bode well for me!

M agreed with the design, as she did doing an InDesign course with me to make it herself. She finished the paperwork and is delivering them right now!


Liza Veenendaal said...

Wauw! Wat een mooie uitnodiging... echt stoer! En dat wordt een fijn feest. Gefeliciteerd en veel plezier,

vervlogen dagen said...

Slaapfeestje 2.0. En reken maar dat ze dat allemaal heerlijk gaan vinden! Prachtige uitnodiging.

Daan said...

Prachtplan en prachtuitnodiging!

erika said...

In het echt was ie nog mooier! Sofia heeft er al heel veel zin in!

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