Weekend roundup

May I still tell you about last weekend, just before next weekend? It was such a rich weekend with good results, one could say. The program:

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: sewing a coat for M. Here a glimpse. Stay tuned to see it finished.

Saturday: open house at DTH Leather in Drunen. Don't know where these leathers will be used for, but I'll surely keep you posted.

Sunday: bloggers meeting with Petra of Vervlogen Dagen. What a lovely woman and daughter! Petra and I started our blogs at the same time in 2010 (!). I love her creativity and text writing skills! Please comment here when you - just like me - don't want her to quit her great blog!


vervlogen dagen said...

Ha ha, dat neigt naar chantage! Fijne foto's van het strand. Benieuwd naar de (hele) jas!

Sonja Häusl-Vad said...

Such a great blog! Happy to find you :-)

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